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Cappadocia Church and 32 Grail Street Preservation Project Moving Forward!

We have some great news to share with you about Cappadocia Church and 32 Grail Street! The long-awaited project to preserve these historic structures is finally moving forward, thanks to funding secured through the Dogwood Health Trust.

We invite you to join us for a meeting on Tuesday, April 25, at 4:00 PM at Cappadocia Church located at 57 Max Street. You will have the opportunity to hear the latest plans for converting Cappadocia into three affordable apartments and making the house at 32 Grail Street available for a family to purchase at an affordable price through the Community Land Trust.

This project will help to preserve the racial and economic diversity of our neighborhood, which is more important than ever as our community continues to evolve. Present at the meeting will be key figures involved in this project, including Jessie Landl and Amanda Moore from the Preservation Society, Rebecca Brothers from the Dogwood Foundation, Chip Howell, the architect who has designed the three apartments, and Anna Zuevskaya, the Executive Director of the Community Land Trust.

The meeting will last only an hour, so don't miss your chance to learn about the latest developments and express your gratitude to these dedicated individuals who have worked so hard to make this project a reality. We look forward to seeing you there!

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