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Asheville On Bikes Spring Out Community Ride through EEVS - April 29

Information regarding Asheville on Bikes (AoB) upcoming Spring Out community ride on Saturday, April 29. This ride is free, open to the public, and is very much a conversational pedal.

The ride offers three route options:

1. Cruiser: 4miles in the River Arts District featuring greenways, cycle track, and bike lanes.

2. Main Ride: 10miles including the Cruiser + active city streets and slow neighborhood streets.

3. Ride More: 15 miles including the Main Ride + a climb up Beaucatcher and along the existing natural surface trail. This route goes through East End/Valley Street.

The routes are all intertwined. If you're curious to view the overlay, click Spring Out RWGPS Event page, scroll to the bottom and select, "show all on map"

The Ride More option rolls through East End/Valley Street and Oakhurst Neighborhoods from downtown. Because the Ride More is the longest route with the steepest climbs only half of the riders opt to enjoy it. The Ride More incorporates the S. Charlotte Street pedestrian bridge to Stephens-Lee, Max St, to MLK, then climbs Clemmons to College to Windswept, to McCauley, to Beaucatcher Trail, to White Fawn, to Memorial Stadium, to Hunt Hill, reconnects to MLK, turns onto Ridge St and then crosses S Charlotte before heading back into town and into North AVL...that pretty much covers the East End/Valley Street and Oakhurst portion of the ride.

The ride begins at 3pm in the River Arts District so the Neighborhoods can anticipate a sprawled cluster of riders from 3:30 - 4:45pm. There are several traffic lights and climbs leading into East End/Valley Street so the ride is pretty stretched out by the time it crosses the sky bridge and will continue to stretch as it climbs Beaucatcher.

AoB has incorporated these streets on their rides for over 15 years and they always pull a City permit to host them which includes a public notice form.

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