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EEVS Community Garden Meeting

Stephens-Lee program leader, Rose Goodbread, who is currently coordinating the communitygarden will host an East End/Valley Street Community Garden meeting on Thursday, March 18, from 6pm to 7pm on Google Meet, Google Meet by phone 941-208-3233 (PIN: 933500630). Please feel free to let anyone in the EEVS community know about the meeting that you think would be interested in participating in our discussion!

There are many exciting things in place for the community garden, and we would love to have EEVS community members to be a part of the conversation and decision process. The official name for the new garden is the East End/Valley Street Community Garden! The garden name was chosen by EEVS neighbors who filled out the community garden survey. At this meeting, we will discuss the tentative community planting day on April 17th from 10am-1pm which will include planting herbs. Please feel free to reach out to Rose by email if you have any questions,

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