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Advance Directives Workshops

You are invited to the free Advanced Directives Workshops at Tried Stone Missionary Baptist Church located in East End/Valley Street at 100 Carroll Avenue. Mark your calendars for two informative sessions that will empower you to take charge of your future.

First up, on Wednesday, May 31 at 6pm, the Estate Planning Workshop. Learn how to navigate the intricate world of estate planning, ensuring that your assets and wishes are protected and preserved for generations to come. You will be guided through the essential steps, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions regarding your legacy.

Then, on Wednesday, June 28 at 6pm, don't miss the highly anticipated workshop on funeral/memorial planning. Discover the importance of pre-planning these significant events, relieving your loved ones of unnecessary burdens during difficult times. Gain insights, invaluable tips, and best practices to ensure your final arrangements reflect your wishes and provide solace to those left behind.

Food will be served during the workshops as you engage in these vital discussions.

Remember, your future matters, and these workshops are the key to unlocking peace of mind. Make sure to attend the Advanced Directives Workshops at Tried Stone Missionary Baptist Church and take control of your destiny.

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